Marshall Plan Chronology


The Marshall Plan: Lessons Learned for the 21st Century by Gérard Bossuat and Barry Machado, June 2008, OECD


June 5 1947 Secretary George Marshall’s speech, Harvard University
June 27-July 2  1947 Anglo-French- Soviet conference (Paris), answer to the Marshall speech, breakdown with the Soviets
July 12-September 22 1947 Economic Cooperation conference of Paris, report by the sixteenth European countries on the Aid program, 22 billions $ during 4 years asked
October 5 1947 Creation of the Kominform
November 6 1947 Harriman Report is issued
December 17 1947 Signature of the interim Aid program Act to Europe, $509 millions for France, Italy and Austria
March 17 1948 Brussels pact between Belgium, Netherlands, Luxemburg, France en Greta-Britain
March 21 1948 Signature of the protocol for a custom Union by France and Italy
April 3 1948 Signature by Truman of the Foreign Aid Act of 1948 , first year of the Marshall Aid (April 1948 to June 1949)
April 16 1948 Creation of OEEC, Robert Marjolin general secretary
June 23 1948 Berlin crisis: blockade of the western zone in Berlin
June 28 1948 Signature of the French and American agreement upon the Marshall Aid. Each country member of the Marshall plan has to sign such an agreement
October 16 1948 Creation of the first European multilateral payment system by the OEEC
October 22 1948 Zhdanov calls on Communists to undermine Marshall Plan
January 7 1949 Resignation of Secretary G. Marshall, Dean Acheson in charge
March 3 1949 Attempt of French an British for building a European Long Term Plan in order to reconstruct the European economy. Failure
April 4 1949 Signature of the North Atlantic Treaty at Washington August 1949 Coming into force of the Embargo lists against Communist countries
October 31 1949 ECA Administrator Paul Hoffman’s Speech to OEEC (Paris) on Western European integration
December 29 1949 Liberalization of 50% of the inter-European private trade
June 23 1950 Korean war
September 19 1950 Creation of the European Payment Union (EPU)
February 1st 1951 Liberalization of 75% of the inter-European private trade
October 10 1951 Approval by President Truman of the Mutual Security Act ending of the Marshall Plan and creating the Mutual Security Program
December 31 1951 Marshall Plan officially ends
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