Executive Leadership Development

The Foundation serves senior federal government and corporate executives for one-day and two-day examinations of the leadership example and genius of George C. Marshall. 

Marshall's greatness was defined by his strong character, his reputation for honesty and candor, his commitment to solving tough problems, his capacity for hard work, his eye for detail, his optimism and his selfless service.  There is something in his story that anyone can apply to his or her life.

Marshall’s exemplary courage to take charge, take action, take risks, resist bad ideas, encourage challenges from subordinates, confront authority, and propose bold thinking and action resulted in a leader of extraordinary accomplishment.   Marshall had the courage to lead.  He had that remarkable ability to see solutions others had not seen, to propose bold strategies and the integrity to remain true to his vision. 

As the executives move through the presentations, they hear about strategic leadership principles, co-leadership, and leading change, and developing vision and strategy, among other topics. 

Futurist and author of Soldier, Statesman, Peacemaker: Leadership Lessons from George C. Marshall, Jack Uldrich puts Marshall’s leadership example into the context of exponential cultural and technological changes that are transforming the world today and creating the need for leaders to anticipate how those changes will impact their organizations.  See a summary video of his remarks.  


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