Leadership and Leader Development Programs






The Marshall Foundation conducts educational programs to prepare emerging leaders in military service, public administration, foreign service and business in the essentials of strategy, vision and leadership.  Using the leadership principles of George C. Marshall presented in contemporary analysis and example, coupled with the expertise of outside authors and lecturers in leadership, the Foundation tailors each seminar or conference to the objectives of the organization or client.  The Courage to Lead series offers an unusual look at leadership challenges today through a distinctive prism.


We have served the U.S. Army and the U.S. Air Force  with our annual Marshall ROTC Award Seminars on Leadership and National Security, the Army Junior ROTC Leadership Award Symposium, the Federal Executive Institute with one-day seminars on Marshall and Leadership, NASA and other federal government units, local and regional governments as well as corporations.  Click on links below to see more about these programs.