George and Me

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Tom Bourne’s memoir, George and Me, is over 150 pages long.  The viewer may choose to download the entire book, or to select individual chapters. Mr. Bourne’s chapters are short and page breaks do not necessarily coincide with chapter endings; there will be some overlapping.

Of special interest to some will be Combat Company, which is appended to Mr. Bourne’s book .  This is a reprint of a small book which was originally published shortly after the war ended. It was written by an editorial board of active duty soldiers, shortly after V-E Day.

Tom Bourne was born in Bronxville, NY, and graduated from high school in Vermont in 1942.  He entered Yale, but withdrew in the spring of 1943 to enlist in the U.S. Army.  After the war, he returned to Yale, graduated in 1949, and for many years pursued a career as an architectural and hardware consultant.  Below is the story of his war.

ENTIRE BOOK: George and Me; the Saga of an Infantryman in World War II and the Company with whom he Fought by Tom Bourne, Jr.

Combat Company; the story of Company G, 399th Infantry


Title & Contents XV   A Replacement
I. Background XVI   A Friend
II.   The Beginning XVII  A Purple Heart
III.  The Army XVIII Breakout & Movement
IV   ASTP XIX   Hepatitis
V    The “Century” XX   The Beginning of the End
VI    More Training – May & June XXI  Occupation
VII   And Still we Train -July & August XXII Reflections & Observations
VIII  Making Overseas Preparations XXIII Berlin & the MP’s
IX    Overseas and France XXIV MP Routine
X     Combat – First Blood XV    Two Adventures
XI    Prisoners of War XVI   The End
XII   Winter Campaign (1) Epilogue
XIII  Alsace Acknowledgements
XIV  Winter Campaign (2) Appendix (Combat Company)