American Archives Month

October is American Archives Month. During this month archivists make a special effort to draw attention to the important work that archivists perform in arranging and preserving records as well as communicate the importance of making these records available to the public.

In addition to housing the records of George C. Marshall, the Marshall Foundation archives contains numerous other collections of records from other individuals that relate to the historic events in which Marshall was involved: World War I, World War II, the Marshall Plan, and many others. The Marshall Foundation archives are a particularly valuable resource for individuals conducting research on topics relating to military and diplomatic history. The types of records that are stored in the archives include documents, photographs, posters, maps, audio, and video. The variety of subject areas that are covered by the collections as well as the numerous formats of records that are available attracts researchers studying a wide range of subjects to the Marshall Foundation archives to use its collections.

In order to share information about the foundation’s archival collections and how they are being used the archives staff developed the Researcher Files series. The Researcher Files provide visiting researchers an opportunity to talk about their research interests and what collections they used from the Marshall Foundation archives as part of their research. The first four Researcher Files are now available for viewing on the Marshall Foundation YouTube channel.

If you are interested in learning more about the archival holdings at the Marshall Foundation and how they may relate to your research interests or if you would like to schedule an appointment to review one of the foundation’s archival collections please feel free to contact the research library staff.

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