ICYMI: Exhibition at Marshall Museum Mentioned in USA Today

The new exhibition at the George C. Marshall Museum, “Hope for Those Who Need It,” was featured in the Travel section of USA Today on April 3 as one of the “Best museum exhibits in the U.S. this spring.” https://usat.ly/2Gub3PZ Mentioned as one of 13 exhibits, “Hope for Those Who Need It,” celebrates the Marshall […]

Marshall and Goodpaster

Today we celebrate the career of Army Chief of Staff General Mark A. Milley. He will receive the Andrew J. Goodpaster Award from the Marshall Foundation in recognition of his distinguished career in the U.S. Army, his many contributions to U.S defense and his leadership of the U.S. Army at the highest level. General Milley […]

Marshall and His Generals

Noted scholar and author Dr. Steve Taaffe discussed last week the criteria General Marshall used to select Army combat commanders who led Allied forces in Europe and the Pacific during World War II. His lecture, “Marshall and His Generals,” can be seen below, or on our YouTube channel. It was a part of the Marshall […]

Marshall and D-Day

During the June 17 Legacy Series presentation of “General Marshall and Private Martin: Two Perspectives on D-Day,” LTC Bradley Coleman focused on General Marshall’s keen interest in using airborne forces to open a second front behind enemy lines as part of the D-Day invasion of Normandy in June 1944. Although Marshall’s plans were never implemented, […]

Marshall and The World Wars

Noted World War I scholar Dr. Edward Lengel talked about American military entry into WWI last night to open the Marshall Legacy Series sequence called The World Wars. His talk, “Testing the American Way of War: Doughboys in Combat, 1917-1918,” can be viewed on our YouTube channel. Dr. Lengel discussed the first American military engagements […]

Marshall and Membership

There’s still time before the end of the year to take advantage of a truly good deal, membership in the Marshall Foundation. Your membership for the next 12 months includes two issues of our magazine, MARSHALL, free admission to the Museum and to most Marshall Legacy Series programs, a 10% discount in the Museum Shop—either […]

The True Story of the Original Jeep

On October 12th, Bill Spear discussed the early days of the Jeep when the small, distressed American Bantam Car Company in Butler, PA, built a prototype in just 49 days. It caught the Army’s attention. Army Chief of Staff Gen. George C. Marshall told Major Walter Bedell Smith on his staff to have Bantam build […]

Marshall Legacy Series Doubleheader

Next Thursday and Saturday, August 4 and 6, we will have a Marshall Legacy Series doubleheader. Dr. Frank Settle will discuss “The Fast and Furious Race for the Atomic Bomb” on Thursday evening. Astronaut Patrick Forrester will talk about his adventures in space travel on Saturday afternoon. These presentations continue the Speed and Fury sequence […]

Marshall Legacy Series: One-year Anniversary

One year ago we began this odyssey known as the Marshall Legacy Series not knowing then where it would take us exactly. Determined to create something of significance, we were dedicated to the concept of exploring aspects of General Marshall’s legacy that would appeal to an audience with broad interests. We proceeded with care to […]

Marshall Matinee Film Series

Tomorrow we begin the Marshall Matinee Film Series. You are invited to see one, two or three award-winning, World War II-subject films to be shown in the Pogue Auditorium on consecutive Saturday afternoons. These films have been selected because they support the theme of the current All Who Want to Serve sequence of the Marshall […]

Marshall and Tuskegee Part II

Tomorrow we will be honored to host Lt. Col. Robert Friend, who is one of the last surviving Tuskegee Airmen. It should be a remarkable afternoon. As Army Chief of Staff, General George C. Marshall was directly involved in establishing the military program for aviation at the Tuskegee Institute. Correspondence between Marshall and Frederick D. […]

Marshall and his Birthday

On the last day of this year we celebrate George C. Marshall’s birthday 135 years ago. Determined to play the hand he was dealt, he probably did not feel sorry for himself because of the somewhat unfortunate timing of this birth. In fact it is his steely resolve to push on that is one of […]

Marshall and his Magazine

Members will receive the new magazine, MARSHALL, in the mail next week. Produced as a benefit of membership in the Foundation, the magazine features guest-written features on Marshall and the Atomic Bomb, Marshall and the Europe-First strategy for winning World War II, and Marshall and his 40-year correspondence with Rose Page Wilson in addition to […]

Marshall and Taking Care of the Troops

We began Taking Care of the Troops, the next sequence in the Marshall Legacy Series, with a talk by an Iraq war veteran and the opening of the new exhibition, “Give Them What They Need.” Disabled veteran Army SSG Luke Murphy (Ret) talked about “Blasted by Adversity,” his experiences as a squad leader of an […]

Evening in the Archives

Last Saturday’s “Evening in the Archives” offered a fascinating, behind-the-scenes look at many artifacts from our Collections that have never been displayed publicly. We intend to make this type of event a regular feature of the Marshall Legacy Series. If you joined us, you saw many interesting objects. The castings of Marshall’s hands were popular […]

Marshall and Tribute

Tomorrow evening we will hold an “Evening in the Archives” to provide a behind-the-scenes look at many artifacts from our collection that have never been displayed publicly. Thus we begin a journey of creating temporary displays as part of the Marshall Legacy Series. If you join us, you will see may objects, some controversial such […]

Marshall and “Weapons” of War

Always the innovator, Marshall sought ways to fight more effectively and efficiently. As assistant commandant of the Army Infantry School at Fort Benning in 1927, Marshall revamped the curriculum in anticipation of the next large-scale conflict that he believed would be fought differently from World War I. Curiously, he is oft quoted as saying “study […]

Marshall and the Friedman Exhibition

As the Codebreaking sequence draws to a close, you will have one last opportunity to see the exhibition, “Partners in Code: William and Elizebeth Friedman,” that will be on display in the Marshall Museum through July 4. After that, it goes away. This is your last chance to see the German Enigma machine, the Beale […]

Marshall and His Legacy

On the eve of completing the Marshall Papers, we have begun a significant, new initiative, the George C. Marshall Legacy Series, to interpret General Marshall’s legacy for an audience of broad interests. The Series is expected to last two years or longer. Programs and activities will focus on key themes, events or episodes from General […]

Marshall and His Birthday

Classmates in grade school who celebrated birthdays close to the holidays deserved our sympathy. The strong pull of gravity around Christmas and Hanukkah diminished their special days that traveled in minor orbits around these behemoths. Born on December 31, 1880, George C. Marshall may have felt the same way that some of my friends felt, […]

Marshall and Transformational Leadership

At our recent leadership seminar for the National Association of Counties, we communicated Secretary of State Marshall’s powerful example of transformational leadership to secure European economic recovery following World War II. Known as the Marshall Plan, the European Recovery Program represents the power of a person to transform. It was not easy, however. Marshall met […]