Coca-Cola Goes to War

Ted Ryan, Director of Heritage Communications at Coca-Cola, has managed the historical collections of The Coca-Cola Company since June 1997. He oversees an extensive collection of physical and digital artifacts that showcase the rich history of The Coca-Cola Company. He serves as Project Manager for the program to restore, digitize, and catalog over 25,000 historical ads created by The Coca-Cola Company over the past 50 years for donation to the U.S. Library of Congress.

Last evening he spoke in the Pogue Auditorium about Coca-Cola’s support on the home front, soldiers stationed overseas and the continued involvement in Europe during the Marshall Plan era.

Coca-Cola has generously loaned artifacts and oil paintings from their collection for the new exhibit, “What We’re Made Of” which can be seen in the lower gallery till December 10, 2016.

A recording of his talk is available on our YouTube channel and below: