March Marshall Legacy Series

One of the goals of the Marshall Legacy Series is to create events centered on key themes that are engaging for visitors of all ages. This past month, two such events brought many to the Foundation.

On Saturday March 18th, 25 children, along with their family and friends, filled the lobby of the Marshall Museum to take part in the third annual LEGO competition. At the start of the competition participants received a tour of the temporary museum exhibition “Six Degrees of Marshall.” They were encouraged to investigate all the artifacts to gather inspiration for their creations. The LEGOs for the competition were provided by the Foundation and each contestant was allowed to draw from the various colors and styles of LEGOs in bins. Paper and pencils were provided for participants, if they desired to sketch a design before beginning. The children had one hour to create their entries.

Winners for this year’s competition were Liam Hart and Hollyn Gleich.

On March 23rd, Paul Barron, drawing on his nine years as a librarian for the Marshall Foundation, shared his views on some of the more popular Marshall myths in the Pogue Auditorium. He discussed aspects of Marshall’s life that are not as well known including his views on the press, his refusal to write memoirs, his efforts to improve the country’s military preparedness, and his disinterest in running for political office. A recording of his event can be seen on the Foundation’s YouTube Channel:

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