Marshall and his Magazine

Members will receive the new magazine, MARSHALL, in the mail next week.

Produced as a benefit of membership in the Foundation, the magazine features guest-written features on Marshall and the Atomic Bomb, Marshall and the Europe-First strategy for winning World War II, and Marshall and his 40-year correspondence with Rose Page Wilson in addition to several short items. The magazine was added to the list of membership benefits several months ago and for many members represents an unexpected, and we hope welcomed, benefit.

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The intention is to reveal aspects of Marshall’s life and career using the considerable resources of the Marshall Library and Archives and of individuals who have researched in the Library. For example, Frank A. Settle, Ph.D., whose book, General George C. Marshall and the Atomic Bomb will be published next spring, is a timely analysis of Marshall’s role in the development of nuclear weapons. As Dr. Settle mentioned when he spoke at the Foundation in August during the Legacy Series event held on the 70th anniversary of the dropping of the first atomic bomb, “Marshall is the high-government official who was present and participated in the first ten years of the nuclear age from the time he was appointed to the Top Policy Group to the time he resigned as secretary of defense during the Korean War. He’s the one person at high levels who witnessed all of it. Everyone else came and went.” Where else are you be able to gain that sort of insight?

Individuals making a membership contribution of $100 or higher will receive the magazine through year end.

If you like what you’ve read, consider becoming a member!

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