Marshall and the Friedman Exhibition

IMG_0926_A2As the Codebreaking sequence draws to a close, you will have one last opportunity to see the exhibition, “Partners in Code: William and Elizebeth Friedman,” that will be on display in the Marshall Museum through July 4. After that, it goes away.

This is your last chance to see the German Enigma machine, the Beale Treasure ciphers case, Army Signal Corps objects, William Friedman’s Army cipher books, a copy of the famous and yet unsolved Voynich Manuscript and various crypto machines, among other elements in this popular exhibition featuring America’s foremost codebreaking pioneers.

Soon after disassembling the Codebreaking exhibition, Museum Director Cathy DeSilvey will begin mounting the next exhibition, “The Art of War,” that will open the “Weapons” of War sequence in the Marshall Legacy Series on July 16. “Weapons” of War and the exhibition to accompany it will run through September. See the schedule of events and activities.

The Museum and Museum Shop, carrying code breaking items at 50% off, will be open today and tomorrow (July 4) from 11 am to 4 pm.

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