Marshall and the President

Last night’s presentation of “Marshall and the President, 1943” by Dr. Nigel Hamilton was the latest program in The World Wars sequence of the Marshall Legacy Series. Dr. Hamilton is currently writing the third volume and final volume of his FDR at War series, which explores President Roosevelt’s role as Commander-in-Chief during World War II.

As chief of staff of the U.S. Army, General George C. Marshall worked closely with President Roosevelt to address significant challenges ranging from Lend-Lease and mobilization to setting Allied strategy. Dr. Hamilton’s presentation focused on the Marshall-Roosevelt relationship in the critical year of 1943, the year when many important decisions about the future conduct of the war were reached. It is also the year that Marshall was first recognized Time magazine’s Man of the Year for his contributions to the war effort.

Dr. Hamilton shared many more insights into Marshall’s relationship with President Roosevelt during his presentation. The video can be seen below.