Marshall and Tribute

Tomorrow evening we will hold an “Evening in the Archives” to provide a behind-the-scenes look at many artifacts from our collection that have never been displayed publicly. Thus we begin a journey of creating temporary displays as part of the Marshall Legacy Series.

If you join us, you will see may objects, some controversial such as a Nazi rally banner, Nazi emblems and youth insignia, a “Jap Hunting License,” that while a part of the history of World War II remain sensitive in the eyes of many. Other items speak more about Marshall the leader. They are relics taken from World War II Pacific and European theaters by commanders and later presented to Marshall as tribute to the man who organized the victory. One such item, a German Walther pistol given to Marshall by General Omar Bradley, has been included in the “Art of War” exhibition now on display in our lower gallery for the “Weapons of War sequence of the Legacy Series. Others will be pulled out for tomorrow’s event. All speak to the enormous respect that Army Chief of Staff Marshall, who remained in Washington to execute the military strategy and advise presidents, earned from his battlefield commanders.

Only a small percentage of objects and papers held in museums, libraries and archives is ever displayed. Our first of many, we think, “Evening in the Archives” provides opportunity for us to share some of the interesting objects from our collection and continue to tell the story of Marshall’s legacy. Members of our staff will be on hand to answer questions, and all visitors will receive a printed guide to the objects. Call Leigh McFaddin at 540-463-7103 if you’d like to attend tomorrow.

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