Marshall Foundation Digital Lab


The Marshall Foundation is expanding access to its vast collections through digital technologies. As a part of the effort to bring Marshall’s legacy online, the Foundation has created the Digital Lab.

Housed in the library, the Digital Lab is a dedicated space for digitization projects. The lab brings together both new and old technologies that allow the digitization of photographs, documents, books, maps, pamphlets, VHS tapes, audiocassettes and reel-to-reel tapes.

Over time, technological advances may render original hardware or software obsolete and using the lab to digitize material ensures access to content. Digitization allows access to these documents and objects without risk of further deterioration.

The lab can also be used to create born-digital content such as podcasts, Skype in the Classroom presentations, video recordings of foundation events, iBooks and other digital learning material.

The most exciting impact of digitization is public access to the archival resources. Researchers and teachers from all over the globe can use primary documents and appreciation of Marshall’s legacy can be passed to upcoming generations.

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