Marshall Legacy Series: One-year Anniversary

unspecified-11One year ago we began this odyssey known as the Marshall Legacy Series not knowing then where it would take us exactly. Determined to create something of significance, we were dedicated to the concept of exploring aspects of General Marshall’s legacy that would appeal to an audience with broad interests. We proceeded with care to outline a series of topics that we believed accomplished the following objectives: put Marshall at the center of subjects and events in which he had influence, share previously hidden gems from our archives, and attract interest among members who receive a benefit from our events and non-members who receive an introduction to the museum and archives.

Marshal042315_30 copyBecause General Marshall’s career touched nearly every major world event of the first half of the 20th century, we knew the landscape for the Series would be rich and vast. We accessed our own unique resources and collections to create relevant exhibitions, present knowledgeable speakers and produce activities and events that we have shared widely.

overviewBeginning sequences during the past 12 months have included Codebreaking, “Weapons” of War, Taking Care of the Troops, and All Who Want to Serve. These sequences have addressed several key issues and activities such as developing and using weapons in modern warfare including the atomic bomb, use of propaganda during war, codebreaking and code making, providing for the physical, psychological and spiritual well-being of the troops, and ignoring traditional societal and cultural boundaries to encourage all able bodied men and women to serve their country, among others. In many cases we have offered relevant and contemporary examples in comparison to the historic record or narrative to suggest or even state that Marshall’s legacy extends to the present day.

1469874_966119923437334_8746628259457645603_nWe have presented experts on codebreaking, the atomic bomb, editorial cartooning, women and minorities in service during war, and robotic limb technology. We have provided activities for families including a Family Fun Day, a Museum Open House, a LEGO competition, and a Kids’ Code Room. Our unique exhibitions have supported the themes of our Series and displayed interesting and unusual artifacts, objects, photographs, posters and films. We have shown award-winning feature films. We have held two behind-the-scenes events to pull out of our collection rare items that few people have ever seen. We held a Patriotic Paint Party. We have produced detailed resource guides for online research into the topics and subtopics we have discussed. The variety has been superb, and the breadth of our activity has been remarkable. It has been a great year.

We open the next sequence, Speed and Fury, on May 12 when Dr. Dik Daso will discuss “Marshall, Arnold, and the Creation of American Airpower” and you will have a chance to see the new exhibition, “From Machine to Man.” Please join us.

Remaining sequences planned through 2018 include:

  • Speed and Fury (May—August 2016)
  • Let’s Get a Move On (September—December 2016)
  • The World Wars (January 2017—June 2017)
  • Europe’s Unlikely Recovery (July—December 2017)
  • Frenemies (January—April 2018)
  • Winter’s Coming (May—August 2018)
  • The Man for All Seasons (September—December 2018)

You can keep up with the calendar of events on our website, and if you believe we are doing good work, please support us with your membership contribution.