Marshall Plan Films and Italian Cinema

Last night at the Marshall Foundation we heard from Dr. Regina Longo, a professional film and media archivist, presented a unique and insightful lecture about the impact of Marshall Plan films on the Italian movie industry.

Using the Marshall Plan film productions in Italy as a case study, Dr. Longo screened a selection of Marshall Plan produced and distributed films that shed light on the role of state-sponsored visual information campaigns in Italy. The documentaries produced by and for the Marshall Plan in Italy also helped to reinvigorate transnational collaborations in feature filmmaking, playing a large part in the creation of the era known as “Hollywood on the Tiber”: the period in the 1950s and 1960s when Hollywood and international productions flocked to Italy’s Cinecittà studios to produce films for global audiences.


To see Dr. Longo’s complete presentation including some video clips check out the YouTube video below.


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