Staff Picks: Our Favorite Marshall Books

The staff at the Foundation would like to share some of their favorite books about Marshall with you:

18658737Cathy DeSilvey, Director of Museum Operations

Selected Speeches and Statements of General of the Army George C. Marshall, Chief of Staff, United States Army – Edited by Major H. A. DeWeerd, 1945

Though there are several biographies of General George C. Marshall, my favorite book is of his most important speeches and addresses. The speeches begin in 1938 with Marshall already aware of German mobilization and his increasing concern about the lack of military preparedness of the United States. As the speeches progress, Marshall continues to persuade and convince the government, industry leaders, and the general public to support the war abroad, the war at home, and most importantly, the heart and soul of the American soldier.

the_generalsRick Drake, Director of Communications and Development

The Generals (MacArthur, Patton, Marshall) by Winston Groom (National Geographic Society)

Groom weaves the stories of three prominent Army officers into an engaging narrative that spans two world wars and the time before, between and after them. This is best seller reading from a best seller author.

marshallquotebookKathy Garvin, Director of Finance & Administration

The Words of George C. Marshall

I often use this book as a reference tool. In the course of finding a quote, I’ve learned a great deal about the man that I didn’t know before. It sparks an interest to learn more about a subject and I often find that I’m searching our website to find greater detail about Marshall and his life.

skuttpackJeffrey Kozak, Director of Library and Archives

George C. Marshall biographies by Mary Skutt

These three books about George C. Marshall are fantastic because they present the story of Marshall’s life and accomplishments in a way that is accessible to younger readers. The books contain a tremendous amount of detail about Marshall’s life and include many great stories from his personal life that help readers to appreciate Marshall as a person rather than some remote historic figure.

b7161564136020b9222de2930128afb7Cara Cook Sonnier, Digital Communications Librarian

Together by Katherine Tupper Marshall

An insightful read about the more intimate aspects of General Marshall’s life as told by his wife. Since Marshall refused to write his own memoir, this is a glimpse into the life of the man who seems almost a legendary figure. Katherine includes sometimes trivial matters along with more serious events that allows the reader a more clearer understanding of General Marshall’s character.

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