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NMadNdO8DEkxQrnVRTMi7iiPdrnzmd5TZFguiEHE_Vo,euhAJKpJPXfCpbXLJJj92Q3NoeORV4j7HcDfJHUFCuAGeorge C. Marshall was a man of towering stature whose contributions to our nation and the world cannot be overstated.  His characteristics of honesty, integrity, and selfless service stand as shining examples for those who study the past and for those generations to come.  The Marshall Foundation is dedicated to celebrating his legacy and inspiring new leaders.

The independent Marshall Foundation perpetuates Marshall’s legacy through scholarship, leadership and statesmanship programs and facilities (including a museum and research library) that offer a wide range of resources and materials for use by the general public, amateur historians, scholars and students of all ages.

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