Adlai Stevenson Interview Details April 30, 1958



Summary of Topics Covered:

Stevenson recounts that he first met Marshall in 1942 when Stevenson served as assistant to Sec. of Navy Frank Knox. He subsequently had contact with Marshall when Stevenson was a member of the US delegation to the UN in 1947 and Marshall had become Sec. of State. He talks about working with Marshall on UN matters, including the partition of Palestine. He discusses the difficulties Marshall had in China and then as Sec. of State and also the challenges Marshall faced during the Korean War, including the removal of MacArthur from command. He discusses the Chicago Tribune’s vendetta against Marshall and views held by the Tribune and others that Marshall had known in advance of the attack on Pearl Harbor.


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This interview was originally recorded on 1/4″ Reel to Reel tape. The original tape has been lost but the transcript is available.


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