Albert C. Wedemeyer

Albert C. Wedemeyer Interview Notes – February 1, 1958



Summary of Topics Covered:

Pogue writes that he spent about five hours with Wedemeyer. Wedemeyer speaks of MacArthur and Eisenhower and the relationship between the two generals. He talks about Chennault and his relationship with Stilwell. Wedemeyer talks of his relations with Mountbatten and other British leaders. He recalls meeting Marshall after spending 2 ½ years at the War College in Germany and how Marshall paid attention to his views. He discusses Marshall’s mission to China and warning Marshall against the Communists. He talks of various American and British officers, including Embick, Craig, Drum, Dill and others. Wedemeyer talks about the attack on Pearl Harbor. He talks of his distrust of the Soviets during the war and later the Chinese Communists.


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