William D. Pawley Interview Details November 9 and 10, 1962



Summary of Topics Covered:

Side 1: Mr. Pawley tells of his business venture in China (1939), the Central Aircraft Manufacturing Co. to supply requirements to the Chinese Air Force. He discusses the American Volunteer Group recruited from the Army, Navy, and Air Force: the Flying Tigers. He states the turning point in the Pacific theater occurred when 36 Japanese airplanes were shot down on Dec. 25, 1941. Side 2: The post-World War II years in South America and Europe. Pawley discusses Latin American lending, the Bogota Conference, the Castro Revolution, and the notion that Marshall was picked for assassination. On the Western European front, Pawley discusses the cancellation of Resolution of 1946 which affected Spain and the US bases in Spain. Pawley describes how McCarthy was destroyed in Washington, DC.


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November 9 and 10, 1962

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