Cross of Military Service

Captain Terry was awarded the Cross of Military Service from the United Daughters of the Confederacy “in appreciation of his patriotic devotion to Flag and Country”. In the certificate, is states that his name will be inscribed on the organization’s roll of honor as a “perpetual memorial to the fact that as a descendant of […]

Letter from Virginia’s Ninth District Representative

This is a letter from C. B. Slemp, the representative for the 9th District of Virginia. It was written in response to a letter from Captain Terry’s father, Frank Terry. Frank Terry wrote a letter to the representative to report that his son had been mistakenly recorded as dead on October 11th, when he was […]

Captain Terry in the Militia

While Captain Terry did not actively serve in the second world war, this certificate displays that he became a member of the Virginia Reserve Militia in August of 1942. He was 49 years old at the time.

Captain Terry Photograph

This photograph of Captain Terry was taken right before the Battle of Meuse-Argonne. Terry entered this battle on October 8th and served until he was severely gassed on October 11th. At this point, Terry was second in command of the First Battalion of the 320th Infantry. It may have been taken before the battle to […]

Headquarters American Division: Historical Bulletin No. 1

Following the armistice, the Headquarters of the Eightieth Division American Expeditionary Forces released historical bulletins that educated the American soldiers about French history and culture and encouraged them to visit nearby churches and explore the countryside. This may have been an effort to make American soldiers appear more scholarly and disciplined than they might have […]

Confidential Report from the Battle of Meuse-Argonne

This is a report from the Battle of Meuse-Argonne, a major battle that lasted from September 26, 1918 until the armistice on November 11, 1918. This report was compiled on March 24, 1919 and it was “not to be considered as a historical document, but for the confidential use of press correspondents and magazine writers […]

Remembering Camp Lee

Captain Terry was stationed at Camp Lee before he left for France. He returned from France on September 11th of 1919 and went to Camp Lee on September 15th. There, he received an honorable discharge. Terry remained involved with his comrades, and was a member of the Eightieth Division Veterans Association, serving as its National […]