Captain Terry Touring Versailles

Captain Terry received orders on March 27th to report to the Headquarters Battalion in the Commanding General of Paris. The next day, Terry was given a pass to stay with the Assistant Provost Marshal for a day and then moved to his more permanent apartments. The captain stayed in Paris at the Battalion out on […]

Captain Terry and the Virginia Polytechnic Institute

Captain Terry was a 1916 graduate of Virginia Polytechnic Institute. He served as one of the football team’s starting quarterbacks during his senior year. Terry’s father also attended VPI, but left early to take over the Wytheville Dispatch. During the first world war, VPI was the university with the highest percent of alumni serving in […]

In Flanders Fields

“In Flanders Fields” was a poem written during the First World War to commemorate the soldiers who had died by a Canadian physician and solider. While this was written before Captain Terry arrived in France, he would have been familiar with the poem and heard it recited at many funerals and memorials.

Captain Terry’s Tour of Southern France and Italy

When Captain Terry had recovered from gas poisoning, he took a vacation to the south of France and Italy with Captain Nottingham, a “most wonderful trip” that included stops in Marseilles, Cannes, Grasse, Nice, Monaco, Lyon, and Dijon. He obtained a booklet that was titled “Souvenir Imperial de la Cote d’Azur” that displayed watercolor pictures […]

Camp Lee

Arthur Terry began training to be an officer in May of 1917 at the first Fort Myer camp in Arlington, Virginia. After three months of intensive training, on August 15th he was appointed as a captain in the Infantry Division of the Officers’ Reserve Corps. The War Department placed Arthur Terry on active duty as […]

Tunnel Rats

During the Vietnam War, the Viet Cong built many tunnels, especially under Chu Chi. Charles Bowman and his friend Gary often volunteered to go into these tunnels, where they would search for information and supplies and then destroy the tunnels. This was very dangerous, as there were false floors and claymore mines. In 2002, Charlie […]

Patches the baboon

Bowman’s experience in Vietnam evidently impacted his emotional state and stability. In one scene, he is talking with Gary about what they are going to do if they ever get home. He had to concentrate “to remember what [his] younger brothers and mother looked like” and “felt like [he] had lived in Vietnam all [of […]

Gary Heeter

This is a picture of Gary Heeter, one of Charlie Bowman’s best friends during the Vietnam War. Bowman characterizes Gary and his other friend Paul Frisbee as being like “brothers” because of what they had been through together. Bowman loved “them more than life and [prayed that] they [would] make it home in one piece”. […]

Heat Stroke

In his story “Heat Stroke At It’s Best”, Bowman sufferers the effects of severe heat stroke. He declares that the temperature was “110 or higher” during the day and dropped to “80 or 90 degrees” at night. Bowman his lieutenant, who he saw as cowardly. This anger intensified as he grew woozy from the heat. […]