42.05.13 Secretary of War Stimson; Distribution of Colored Troops

Author:  Marshall, George C.
Date: May 13, 1942

Memorandum for the Secretary of War

Subject: Colored Troops

The distribution, present and as currently projected, of U.S. Army colored troops in overseas theater bases and possessions is as follows:

[See document for table]

There are no colored troops in Hawaii at present. The 1015 scheduled for Hawaii consist of two Quartermaster Port Companies, one Salvage Company, and one Chemical Company Decontamination. Any further augmentation of the Hawaii garrison will be accomplished with colored units.

The Operations Division believes that Colored Infantry, well trained under good white officers will have a sufficient combat value to render satisfactory service in any theater, except possibly under conditions of heavy and prolonged bombing. However, under existing circumstances, with the high priority that must be placed on Bolero, this Division further believes that no diversion of shipping can be justified for the purpose of dispatching combat troops to the Near East.

G. C. Marshall