47.04.16 To Harriet Wing

Date: April 16, 1947

Subject: Postwar

April 16, 1947
Moscow, USSR

Dear Harriet,

Your letter dated April 4th was warmly received. It was about time that I got a letter from home. If I am not mistake it was your second letter since my departure from China. And I don’t know how many letters that I have written home. Of all your letters during my adventurous Army life, I relished your last letter the most…particularly the splendid news of the two new workers, and that Father and Mother are taking things easy. I have been through many sleepless nights worried about the struggle back home, how hard and many long hours you guys must work. I know how it was…because I had dizzy spells occasionally when I was home behind the kitchen. I am very delighted with the good news.

Thanks for sending the Chinese provisions to the Amah. It will certainly makes her and Mrs. Marshall very happy. I received another hand-knitted sweater from the Amah and a nice letter from Mrs. Marshall…telling me how much she is missing my pigs’ feet and pig-tails. The General read the letter, and he told Mrs. Smith about my pigs’ fee and pig-tails. Now the whole damned Spaso House is talking about my pigs’ feet and pig-tails. Somehow, it is hard for them to believe such delicacies as pigs’ feet and pig-tails. Oh well, no matter what they say, in good food, they are always behind the Chinese.

Received another letter from ___ the other day. Now she wants to come to America to be beside me. Such a silly little niece. But I cannot laugh the matter off. It must be handled with gentle care. The situation is getting deeper into a very delicate entanglement. Sun, __ is no in Hankow.

Last weekend, my social engagement was quiet active. I was at the dance party in celebration of the Army Week at the American House. I really had a swell time there. The place was jammed and General Marshall came in about 10 o’clock with Ambassador Smith and Mr. Stassen. The General greeted everybody and he asked the band to start the dance music. The General then grabbed a girl and was the first one on the dance floor. Stassen was beaming with great delight watching the dignified Secretary of State jiving the jazz music away. The General is really a good dancer. He stayed about 15 minutes and went home. I stayed until 4am. I got up at 7:#0 as usual the following Sunday morning and went to the ballet at 12 noon till 4:30. That night at Spaso House was a big dance party given by Secretary of State to all the American delegation and members of American Embassy. Over 200 people came…drank..danced..sang…ate…and had a most wonderful time. The General took part in the Cinderella Dance…with over 50 girls string along one side and over 100 men the opposite side. The girls took off one shoe and threw it into a pile in center of the ballroom floor. When the music started, General Marshall together with over 100 diplomatic wolves fight toward the shoe pile and started hunting for the Cinderella with the missing shoe. I was most amused at Colonel Carter who go the ugliest Cinderella who is from Oklahoma. Even Jade Box got her beat by looks. Last Friday, General Marshall gave a elaborate party to the Froegin Minsters. The guest were Mr. and Mrs. Molotov, mr. and Mrs. Vishinsky, Mr. Bevin, Mr. and Madame Bidault, French Ambassador and wife, British Amabassador and wife, Ambassador and Mrs. Smith, John Foster Dulles, Robert Murphy, Benjamin Cohen, Mr. Bohlen, and other top ranking officials of 28 persons all together. The party was a big success.

Have you received the two coolie boys which I sent from Nanking? Aren’t they the cutest little thing!


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To Harriet Wing


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