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An Advanced Problem in Cryptography and its Solution

Author:  Mauborgne, Joseph Oswald
Publisher: Press of the Army Service Schools, Fort Leavenworth, Kansas

Physical Description:

First edition, 19 pages

Subject: Cryptology

The first published solution to the cipher system invented by Sir Charles Wheatstone but attributed erroneously to Lyon Lord Playfair. The Playfair cipher was, for many years, a standard field cipher of the British Army and was also used to very limited extent by the American army in World War I. Mauborgne, at the time of WFF’s entry, was a retired Major General and former Chief Signal Officer of the U.S. Army. He solved this famous cipher system while making a journey on a transport from the Philippines to the U.S. At the time, Mauborgne’s work was received as a great advance in cryptanalysis. This, the first edition, is extremely rare and valuable.

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An Advanced Problem in Cryptography and its Solution


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