5-556a Editorial Summary of Meeting with Yu Ta-wei

Publisher: The Johns Hopkins University Press
Date: September 23, 1946

Subject: China

Editorial Summary of Meeting with Yu Ta-wei

September 23, 1946 Nanking, China


At Yu’s request, Marshall speculated on the Communists’ rejection of the Five-Man Committee and their interest in reconvening the Committee of Three. He was awaiting the government’s reaction to Chou’s insistence that the Committee of Three meet. Marshall thought the Communists believed their own propaganda to the effect that he had the power to force the government to meet various demands. Marshall was “concerned over the fact that certain Government Officials were abusing, or taking advantage of his efforts to assist China” by utilizing U.S. surplus property—including ships and gold obtained by selling the surplus for cash—to support military campaigns. While he was “willing to proceed with the various programs to benefit the people of China,” Marshall noted, “he would not take any action to support the National Government in a campaign of force.” Yu said he was pessimistic about the likelihood that a Committee of Three meeting would accomplish anything and suspected that Chou En-lai had “received new and stiffer instructions from Yenan.” (Ibid., pp. 220-21.)

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