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Manual of Cryptography

Author:  General Staff, War Office
Publisher: British Government

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96 pages

Subject: Cryptology

Date of Publication was ascertained from internal evidence and examination. Marked “For Official Use Only.” The Friedmans considered this an absolutely unique item in the U.S. and a very rare one in the world. The manual was written in anticipation of the outbreak of World War I.

The manual, for its day, was an excellent treatise of a general nature on cryptography and cryptanalytic methods. It is in the Friedman Collection as a souvenir of his military service in World War I.

The Manual of Cryptography was probably the first treatise on the subject prepared against the contingency of the outbreak of war, which came in August 1914. Signed by William F. Friedman. The book discusses, in order, Hebrew transposition ciphers, Zig Zag transposition ciphers, permutation ciphers and the nihilist’s cipher, Caesar’s substitution cipher, the Wolsey or Sudan cipher, the sliding alphabet cipher, the Beaufort cipher, the Playfair cipher, diagonal transposition ciphers, stencil ciphers, the Federal army cipher, Bacon’s cipher and vowel ciphers.

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Manual of Cryptography


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