2-326 Memorandum for the Assistant Chief of Staff, G-1 [Shedd], December 26, 1940

Publisher: The Johns Hopkins University Press
Date: December 26, 1940

Memorandum for the Assistant Chief

of Staff, G-1 [Shedd]

December 26, 1940 [Washington, D.C.]

Draft a regulation covering the saluting question for general officers of the Army so that commanders will be spared the inconvenience and time consuming business of the frequent salutes that would otherwise be required, considering the large number of Generals, and the fact that they are flying here and there all over the United States.

I think the matter might be handled on the basis that a general officer arriving by air will be met by an officer prepared to meet the desires of the General, but there will be no salute unless the desire for a formal reception has been indicated in advance.

I thought that this had been managed a month or more ago. Please see that it is expedited.1

Document Copy Text Source: George C. Marshall Papers, Pentagon Office Collection, Selected Materials, George C. Marshall Research Library, Lexington, Virginia.

Document Format: Typed memorandum.

1. In mid-January the War Department announced: “During the present emergency the salutes and honors prescribed in paragraph 13a, AR 600 25, will not be rendered to officials of the Army unless the official for whom the salute and honor is prescribed has requested such honors in advance of his arrival at the post, camp, or station.” (Army and Navy Journal, January 18, 1941, p. 512.)

Recommended Citation: ThePapers of George Catlett Marshall, ed.Larry I. Bland, Sharon Ritenour Stevens, and Clarence E. Wunderlin, Jr.(Lexington, Va.: The George C. Marshall Foundation, 1981- ). Electronic version based on The Papers of George Catlett Marshall, vol. 2, “We Cannot Delay,” July 1, 1939-December 6, 1941 (Baltimore and London: The Johns Hopkins University Press, 1986), p. 373.

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