Reel 015 Item 548 Volunteer Division Open to All Races

Author:  Marshall, George C.
Date: February 16, 1942

Mr. Samuel McCrea Cavert, General Secretary,
The Federal Council of the Churches of Christ in America,
297 Fourth Avenue,
New York City, New York

My dear Mr. Cavert,

I have given careful consideration to the proposal that our Army organize a volunteer division, open to all, regardless of race.

Mobilization is functioning smoothly under plans prepared by the War Department to provide the minimum number of trained units in the shortest possible period of time.

The Secretary of War has informed me that his carefully matured plans do not provide for raising units on a voluntary basis. Rather, now organizations are activated by furnishing the full strength thereto at one time — the group comprising a properly classified allotment of men for the particular nature of the service to be performed by the unit in question. A departure from this orderly procedure will introduce difficulties and complexities that I feel should be avoided at this time.

Assuring you of my deepest interest in the welfare of your organization, I am

Very sincerely yours,

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Reel 15 Item 548 Volunteer Division Open to All Races



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