Reel 015 Item 548 Volunteer Mixed Race Division

Author:  Sexton, William T.
Date: February 11, 1942

Memorandum for the A. C. of S., G-3:

Judging from the Chief of Staff’s mail, the move for a volunteer mixed negro and white division seems to be growing to include representations from people of some importance. General Marshall has received approximately fifty letters on this subject from obviously negro organizations. These were all referred to The Adjutant General for direct reply. Within the past few days, it appears that a group of literati in New England have entered the picture. One is the editor of Town and Garden magazine, and another is Dorothy Canfield Fisher whose letter is attached.

W. T. Sexton
Lt. Col., General Staff
Assistant Secretary, General Staff

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Reel 15 Item 548 Volunteer Mixed Race Division



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