Reel 352 Item 5250 17th Armored Infantry Battalion

Author:  Pinkey, Addison V.
Date: August 10, 1945

Baltimore Branch
National Association for the Advancement of Colored People
402 Dolphin Street
Baltimore-17, Maryland

Addison V. Pinkey, Executive Secretary

General George C. Marshall
United States Army
Pentagon Building
Washington, D. C.

Dear Sir,

We are in receipt of a number of pathetic and touching letters from the boys who comprise the rank and file of Company D, 17th Armored Infantry Battalion. Reports show that this Division has been reduced to what sums up to be a labor outfit. The boys have the training and stamina of fighting men and are interested in remaining in action. It is so discouraging when one has the patriotism and strong-hearted courage to fight for the principles of his country and then is denied that right for reasons undisclosed.

We trust that you will find it convenient to clarify our thinking along this line, giving any facts that were casual to the alleged change that has taken place in the assignment of the 17th Armored Infantry Battalion.

Very truly yours,
A. V. Pinkey

Addison V. Pinkey
Executive Secretary

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Reel 352 Item 5250 17th Armored Infantry Battalion



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