Reel 352 Item 5250 17th Armored Infantry Battalion

Author:  Marshall, George C.
Date: August 14, 1945

Dear Mr. Pinkey:

I have your letter of 10 August concerning the letters you have received from boys of the 17th Armored Infantry Battalion showing that it has been reduced to a labor unit.

The duties of all forces in the European Theater were changed from combat to occupation when hostilities ceased and most of the divisions were assigned to areas in Germany to occupy and administer. The 12th Armored Division, of which the 17th Armored Infantry Battalion is still a part, was assigned an area in the vicinity of Stuttgart. Its duties there are essentially the same as those of other divisions stationed in Europe. At the present time the division in scheduled to remain on occupational duty for the remainder of 1945 and return to the United States in early 1946.

It is realized that occupational duties are often very trying on troop morale and that to a large extent the work required is laborious. Every effort is being made to provide entertainment, furloughs, and educational facilities to help in alleviatiing the tedious nature of this duty.

Faithfully yours,
G. C. Marshall

Mr. Addison V. Pinkey
National Association for the
Advancement of Colored People
402 Dolphin Street
Baltimore 17, Maryland

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Reel 352 Item 5250 17th Armored Infantry Battalion



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