1-445 To Major Frank B. Hayne, June 3, 1937

Publisher: The Johns Hopkins University Press
Date: June 3, 1937

To Major Frank B. Hayne

June 3, 1937 Vancouver Barracks, Washington

My dear Frank:

Thanks for your note of May 27th, and my congratulations on your detail.1 This should mean an intensely interesting period of your service. One suggestion, if I may make it, don’t fall into the diplomatic state of mind as to the activities about you. Keep the American army in the forefront of your head all the time, and draw your deductions accordingly, from what you see. So frequently officers go off on such ventures and their view point becomes submerged in the strange and active social life, and their thoughts grow remote from the army at home they are supposed to serve with ideas and data.

General Pershing invited Mrs. Marshall and myself to go over in August and be present at the dedication of the Romagne cemetery—or rather, the Meuse-Argonne monuments. I have been delaying in answering in the hope that we could find it practicable to accept, but I fear now that we cannot make it, much as I should like to be there.

I have just returned from a month of division maneuvers at Fort Lewis, one hundred and fifty miles north of here. Had a very interesting time.

Commencing next Monday, Mrs. Marshall and I are off on a series of CCC inspections, which take me through the most famous fishing country of the northwest. And I plan to get in fishing every other day. We will gone a week this first trip, doing eastern Oregon as far out as the Snake River and down almost to Crater Lake. Two weeks later I do a series of camps along the sea shore south of Astoria, and have been loaned a summer cottage to utilize as headquarters, where I will park Mrs. Marshall and Molly. We will get in some ocean bathing and some steel head fishing. Then a week later, when it is warmer and the snows are largely melted, we go to Crater Lake.

We have made a habit lately, when ever we have no dinner date, to take a frying pan and some provender and go off fishing for the evening on some of the lakes or beautiful streams in this vicinity. We are going to a falls on the Lewis river this evening, for steel heads.

Write and tell me how things go in Russia. I will be much interested. If you see Truman Smith in Berlin, give him my regards. He knows his job.

You probably will not see Mrs. Dulany after you receive this, tho I am mailing it to Washington; but if you do, give them our love. I received a letter from her while I was on maneuvers.2

Good luck to you.

Faithfully yours,

Document Copy Text Source: Frank B. Hayne Papers, George C. Marshall Research Library, Lexington, Virginia.

Document Format: Author-typed letter.

1. Hayne was to report in October as assistant military attach

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