5-321 To Mrs. John B. Wilson, January 11, 1946

Publisher: The Johns Hopkins University Press
Date: January 11, 1946

Subject: China

To Mrs. John B. Wilson

January 11, 1946 Chungking, China

Dear Rose:

I was happy to receive your note of the 20th but very sorry to learn of the anxiety you had suffered regarding the baby. Fortunately that appears to be past history.1

I left for China hurriedly with only a minimum of preparation possible. Congressional hearings took up almost all of my days, but for hurried visits to the White House or the State Department during lunch recesses.

Since around here I have naturally been intensely busy every hour from 9 to 5 or sometimes midnight. There is small prospect of a let up for some time to come.

I long for personal freedom and my own home and simple pleasures. My shooting trips were all arranged for the winter along with horseback rides on the lovely Pinehurst trails and a month in Florida at a luxurious cottage that had been placed at my disposal. But, here I am.

I am sorry about the god-father delays, but if you still want me to serve I will be honored to do so.2

With my love, and warmest regards to John.


G. C. M.

Document Copy Text Source: George C. Marshall Collection, Rose Page Wilson, George C. Marshall Research Library, Lexington, Virginia.

Document Format: Typed letter signed.

1. Marshall’s goddaughter had written shortly after Marshall departed for China: “I would have written you before you left but Page has been terribly sick with pneumonia. He is OK now but I was scared stiff and naturally, up most nights and busy all day.” (Wilson to Marshall, December 20, 1945, GCMRL/G. C. Marshall Papers [China Mission, General].)

2. Wilson had written: “I guess you forgot all about [Page’s] Christening when this China business broke. I started to write you before Thanksgiving but I thought you’d write to me if you could have gotten here and I didn’t see any point in bothering you. Anyhow, if you are still agreeable to being his God-Father, I intend to wait until you get back home.” (Ibid.)

Recommended Citation: ThePapers of George Catlett Marshall, ed.Larry I. Bland and Sharon Ritenour Stevens(Lexington, Va.: The George C. Marshall Foundation, 1981- ). Electronic version based on The Papers of George Catlett Marshall, vol. 5, “The Finest Soldier,” January 1, 1945-January 7, 1947 (Baltimore and London: The Johns Hopkins University Press, 2003), pp. 417-418.

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