Xerox 3453 51.02.06 Memorandum of Conversation

Date: February 6, 1951

Subject: Postwar

6 February 1951

Memorandum of Conversation


  • General Marshall
  • Colombian Minister of War Urdaneta
  • Colombian Ambassador Zuleta-Angel
  • Colombian Military Attache General Bayona
  • Colonel Carter
  • Mr. Barrringer, OFMA
  • Captain Benedetti, Army G-2

Since the Colombian Embassy had indicated this to be primarily a social visit on the part of the Colombian Minister of War, Dr. Urdaneta, the majority of the interview was devoted to reminiscences and informational discussion. Secretary Marshall recounted recent achievements in the Korean War on the part of the United Nations Command, and Dr. Urdaneta informed him of the latest progress at the United Nations, where he is Colombia’s principal delegate.

At the close of the interview, however, Dr. Urdaneta raised with Secretary Marshall the question of appropriate U.S. assistance in training and equipment for the Colombian battalion accepted for service in Korea, and also for such units as might be designated in connection with the “Uniting the Peace” resolution adopted by the United Nations General Assembly on 3 November 1950. It appeared that a request concerning the battalion for Korea had already been made to the United States by Colombia, but that the Colombian Embassy had not yet formulated a specific proposal in connection with “Uniting the Peace”. General Marshall indicated that he would be very much interested in seeing this latter item; Dr. Urdaneta and General Bayona assured him that it would be submitted to the United States in the near future.

Philip E. Barringer
Office of Foreign Military Affairs.

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