Appointment of the Military Policy Committee, September 23, 1942

Author:  The War Department
Date: September 23, 1942

Subjects: World War II

The original document appointing the Military Policy Committee.

Those persons designated by the President to have determination of general policy in the S-l project, namely, the Vice President, the Secretary of War, General Marshall, Dr. James B. Conant, and Dr. Vannevar Bush, hereby appoint a Military Policy Committee consisting of Dr. Vannevar Bush, or his alternate, Dr James B. Conant, as Chairman; General Styer and Admiral Purnell to consider and plan military policy relating to the project, such planning to cover production, strategic and tactical problems and research and development relating thereto.

Brig. Gen. Leslie B. Groves will sit with the Committee and act as Executive Officer to carry out the policies that may be determined.

The Military Policy Committee is to report the progress of the project to the General Policy Group designated by the President at suitable intervals and further report to them for determination any matters of such importance as to roquire auch determination.

Appointment of the Military Policy Committee


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