Epley Letter – 1942 – Money Again

Author:  Emmett Stewart Epley
Date: October 11, 1942

Subjects: World War II

Oh, yes, Emmett, if you read my letter again you will see that I was not provoked at the cokes, etc. but at the extra money spent for books and slide rule which could have been secured for about half to two-thirds of what you are paying.  I know, and I want you to have some pleasures with the studying.  You must keep up your end and that’s OK with me.  Besides your letter came just after a specially hard day of work at the office and I was tired and worried about mom and my folks, etc.  Gosh, Emmett, I don’t want you to think I expected you to be a miser or hermit, but I do so want you to get everything possible out of the hard work that earned your money for you.   See?  Don’t tell us you ate weenies!

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