Epley Letter – 1943 – Home For Christmas

Author:  Emmett Stewart Epley
Date: December 20, 1943

Subjects: World War II

I had an interesting experience earlier this afternoon. Most of the squadron is out on pass, and many of the remainder have MM, so things were fairly quiet. The radio was on and Bing Crosby was singing Christmas carols – “Adeste Fideles,” “O Little Town,” and others. Some of us were listening, and others were reading, talking, shining shoes – a typical Army Sunday afternoon “at home.” then he sang one song which few of us have heard – :
“I’ll be home for Christmas,
You can plan on me.
There’ll be snow
And mistletoe
Where the lovelight gleams.
I’ll be home for Christmas,
If only in my dreams.”
From the first words there was complete silence, and everyone stopped what he was doing and remembered Christmases gone by. And when he finished, there was a pause before anyone spoke again.
Home for Christmas! I’ll be with you – “if only in my dreams.” Merry Christmas, Emmett

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