Selected Works of General John W. Vessey, Jr., 22 June 1982-30 September 1985


Vessey Selected Works (pdf)

This presents material drawn from the public record of General John W. Vessey’s service—22 June 1982 through 30 September 1985—as the Tenth Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Arranged in chronological order, the material is drawn from his speeches, Congressional testimony, published articles, selected correspondence and interviews. It reflects General Vessey’s work to rebuild and upgrade the armed forces of the United States. Of particular interest are his efforts to improve the quality of the Joint Staff and his emphasis upon the importance of the unified and specified commands which foreshadowed important provisions of the Goldwater-Nichols Department of Defense Reorganization Act of 1986. Selection of the volume’s contents was the responsibility of the Joint History Office and Major General Julian Burns, USA (Ret.), who had served on General Vessey’s staff. Special thanks to Ms. Jacqueline Burns for typing portions of the text and to Lieutenant Colonel Jerry Brooks and Ms. Penny Norman of the Joint History Office for preparing this manuscript for publication. This volume is an official publication of the Office of the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff but, inasmuch as the text has not been considered by the Joint Chiefs of Staff, its contents do not represent the official position of the current Chairman or of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.