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The George C. Marshall Foundation Research Library and Archives is seeking archives interns to work with the archivist in processing materials in the archives. The archives interns will help organize, select, catalogue, and process a variety of materials, including correspondence, reports, audio and video recordings, maps, photographs, and other documents, that are housed in the archives.

The specific duties of this internship may include:

• helping identify and assess the archival value of materials;
• processing of the collection, including physical arrangement (sorting, boxing, labeling);
• inventorying and describing of materials;
• creating collection guides and other basic finding aids;
• communicating with other archives interns and archives staff

Requirements: An interest in gaining practical experience working in archives. Understanding of, or ability to learn, basic archival principles and practices is preferred. Knowledge of history, particularly 20th Century American history is a plus. Good computer skills. Good communication and organization skills.

The internship may be completed for college credit if approved by your program.

If you have any questions, contact Melissa Davis, Director of Library and Archives, at (540) 463-7103 ext. 122 or by e-mail at

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The George C. Marshall Foundation has opportunities for volunteers to contribute to the important work it performs. Currently volunteers are needed to assist the research library staff with organizing its collections. Volunteers will help the research library staff identify, select, and arrange a variety of historic materials including books, correspondence, reports, audio and video recordings, maps, photographs, and other documents, from the archives. Individuals with a knowledge of 20th Century American history, particularly diplomatic and military history, and/or basic archives principles and practices are especially desirable.

For more information about volunteer opportunities or to sign up to volunteer please contact Melissa Davis, Director of Library & Archives, by email at or by phone at (540) 463-7103 ext. 122.

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