August 17, 1917 – Submarine

Date: August 17, 1917

Subjects: World War I

August 17, 1917

About four-thirty this afternoon, the cry of “submarine” went through the ship like wildfire.  We all rushed to the railing, and there, about three quarters of a mile off our front side, was a periscope perturbing up through the water.

Our blood was all atingle and made more so by the booms of the six inch fun from the ship in front of us.  We saw the shell land with a splash just beyond the periscope.

Just then the guns on our own ship boomed forth its message, which landed extremely close.  It was the most exciting time that we have had thus far.  However dear reader, we were all worked up over nothing for we learned that it was nearly a target that the first ship had dropped for the rest of us to shoot at.



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