GCM00174 Millionth Ton of Marshall Plan Aid Reaches Greece

Author:  Economic Cooperation Administration
Date: December 21, 1949

Physical Description:

Photographic print. 8" x 10". original envelope contents: 2 negatives, 2 photographic prints, various sizes, press release attached to back of one print.

Subjects: Marshall Plan

Information Division
ECA Mission to Greece
ECA No. 106/10
December 21, 1949
(with release No. 469)

Millionth Ton Of Marshall Plan Aid Reaches Greece

Athens – This picture was taken in downtown Athens at the site of the Greek government’s economic recovery exhibition building when the decorated truck, bearing a ton of flour as the Marshall Plan’s millionth ton of aid to Greece, paused. Priests of the Greek Orthodox Church, shown at an improvised altar, blessed the flour which later was baked into wheat for presentation to children’s homes sponsored by Her Majesty, Queen Frederika.


Location: Vault
Call No. GCM00174