GCM03679C Is This A Record?


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Photographic print. 8" x 10". original envelope contents: 1 photographic print, stamped caption on back.

Subjects: World War II, Women’s Army Auxiliary Corps/Women’s Army Corps

; Hobby, Oveta Culp; Ryder, Mel (collector)

While in Algiers, North Africa, Colonel Oveta Culp Hobby, Director of the Women’s Army Corps, talked about the Army and shook hands with Corporal Adine Van Coutren, St. Louis, whose family may have set a record for number of members in the service of their country. Corporal Van Coutren has 3 sisters in the Women’s Army Corps, 6 brothers in the Navy, 2 brothers in the Marines and one brother in the Army. That’s a grand total of 13 brothers and sisters serving Uncle Sam in the Armed Forces.

SC 186689

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