GCM04698 Audience at WAC Disestablishment Ceremony

Date: April 28, 1978

Physical Description:

Photographic print. 8" x 10". original envelope contents: 1 photographic print with handwritten notes on back.

Subjects: Women’s Army Auxiliary Corps/Women’s Army Corps

Front row – left to right:
Unidentified male
Ms. Jill Wine-Volver, Army General Counsel
Col. Elizabeth Hinton, Deputy Director, WAC
Unidentified general
Mr. Thomas Clarke, brother of BG Mary Clarke
General Bernard Rogers, Chief of Staff, Army
Col. Bettie Marden
Mr. Robert Nelson, Assistant Secretary of the Army, Manpower and Reserve Affairs
Ms. Carpenter, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Equal Opportunity

2nd Row (starting at column):
Col. Juanita Roberts (Ret)
Col. Elizabeth Branch (Ret)
Col. Lorraine Rossi
Col. Eloise Strand, AMSC

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Location: Vault
Call No. GCM04698