GCM04701 Order Read at WAC Disestablishment Ceremony

Date: April 28, 1978

Physical Description:

Photographic print. 8" x 10". original envelope contents: 1 photographic print with typographical notes on back and 1 negative.

Subjects: Women’s Army Auxiliary Corps/Women’s Army Corps

The order eliminating the position of Director and Deputy Director Women’s Army Corp and the office, Director WAC is read by Colonel Wade Hampton, AGC.

From left to right:
The Honorable Clifford Alexander, Secretary of the Army
BG Mary E. Clarke, Director WAC
MG Joseph Kingston, Assistant Deputy Chief of Staff, Personnel
Col (Ret) Mary A. Hallaren, former Director WAC
Col (Ret) Mary Louise Milligan Rasmuson, former Director WAC
BG (Ret) Elizabeth P. Hoisington, former Director WAC
BG (Ret) Mildred Inez Caroon Bailey, former Director WAC

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Location: Vault
Call No. GCM04701