Pineapple Plantation

Another one of Bowman’s stories is titled “Easter Sunday” and it takes place at an abandoned pineapple plantation. He describes the pineapple plantation as not “all neat and orderly with beautiful rows of pineapples like the Dole pineapple plantations” but instead as “hell turned upside down”. During this dry season, lasting from November to April, “the temperature [ran] in the low 100’s”. Bowman recounts how the ground was very muddy and how every day he “[placed] one foot in front of the other” and “[watched] it sink into the mud wondering if [his] boot was going to come off with the next step”. On that day, Bowman muses on the irony of the situation as he stands in battle. He characterizes the world as having “finally gone completely mad”, because on the “day where Christ died for us on the cross”, the soldiers were “killing everything in sight”.