At First in the West


Physical Description:

1 Leaflet: Red, Black, and White

Subject: American Expeditionary Forces


Obverse: Rundstedt’s offensive of desperation smashed! And now in the east: East Prussia cut off! The Red Army Deep in Silesia! Germany’s “Eastern Ruhr” paralyzed! Zhukov’s armies in Brandenburg Evacuation of Government –and party — offices from Berlin has started!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Reverse: Roosevelt   “As for Germany, that tragic nation which has sown the wind and is now reaping the whirlwind, we and our allies are entirely agreed that we shall not bargain with the Nazi conspirators, or leave then a shred of control — open or secret — of the instruments of government. We shall not leave them a single element of military power — or of potential military power. but I should be false to the very foundations of my religious and political convictions, if I should ever relinquish the hope — and even the faith — that in all peoples, without exception, there lives some instinct for truth, some attraction toward justice, and some passion for peace — buried as they may be, in the German case, under a brutal regime.   We bring no charge against the German race as such, for we cannot believe that God has eternally condemned any race of humanity.   There is going to be stern punishment for all those in Germany directly responsible for this agony of mankind. The German people are not going to be enslaved — because the United Nations do not traffic in human slavery. but it will be necessary for them to earn their way back into the fellowship of peace loving and law abiding nations. And, in their climb up that steep road we shall certainly see to it that they are not encumbered by having to carry guns. They will be relieved of that burden, we hope, for  ever.”   Churchill   “The President of the U.S. and I have repeatedly declared that the enforcement of unconditional surrender upon the enemy in no way relieves the victorious powers of all their obligations to humanity or of their duties as civilised and Christian nations.   We may now say to our foes: We demand unconditional surrender, but you know how strict are the moral limits within which our action is confined.   We are not the extirpates of nations or butchers of people. We make no bargain with you. We accord you nothing as a right. abandon your resistance unconditionally; we remain bound by our customs and our nature.   If you surrender now, nothing you will have to endure after the war will be comparable to what you are otherwise going to suffer during 1945.   Peace, though based on unconditional surrender, will bring to Germany and Japan an immense and immediate alleviation of suffering and agony which now lies before them.   We allies are no monsters, but faithful men trying to carry forward the light of the world, trying to raise from the bloody welter and confusion in which mankind is now plunged, a structure of peace, of freedom ,of justice and of law, which system shall be an abiding and lasting shelter at the last for all.”


Location: Vault
Holding ID: WG 35

Language: english
Countries: Germany