Award / For Careless Talk / Don’t Discuss Troop Movements / Ship Sailings / War Equipment

Author:  Stevan Dohanos
Publisher: Office Of War Information

Physical Description:

1 Poster: Color;

Subject: World War II


A hairy hand wearing a ring with a Nazi insignia holds an Iron Cross military decoration, also with a swastika on it. The poster background is red with a white border that has barbs pointing into the red area.

During wartime concerns about national security increase, and World War II was no exception. This poster reminds citizens that sharing any military information such as troop movements, or other details could help the enemy sabotage the war effort. The award depicted in this poster is the Iron Cross, 2nd class. The Iron Cross is probably the most easily recognized German military award.

USA; lithograph on paper; Published by the Office of War Information, 1944.

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Dimensions: 66 x 51 cm
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Language: english
Countries: United States