The Post-War Period


Physical Description:

1 Leaflet: Black and White

Subject: American Expeditionary Forces


Obverse: Will be tough — just how tough is up to you   In the occupied areas of Western Germany, the war is over. The terror regime of the SS and Gestapo have disappeared. The positions formerly occupied by National Socialists are gradually filled by respectable Germans. The bombings are over, life goes on — it is no easy life, for there is much to do: firs of all  the rubble and debris left over from bombings and senseless resistance, have to be cleared away. Gradually after hard work, normal conditions return: self-help puts the community on its feet again — today in the occupied area in the West– tomorrow in all of ermany. Self-help — that means:   YOU have to pay the bill, if fanatics want to blow up the gas, water, and power plants. That does not stop the Allies. but it means more misery to YOU in the coming winter and more difficulties for the reconstruction of YOUR contry.   YOUR family will suffer want, if fanatics want to carry the food stocks away. The Allied armies bring their own food with them. But in imported food, absolute priority will be given to those countries which suffered famine as the result of German occupation.   Self-help is the watchword of the day!   Self-help today–save your family   Self-help later–to rebuild Germany

Reverse: After the entry of the Allies on German territory, a military government was proclaimed by general Dwight D. Eisenhower in his capacity of military governor. Military government proceeds strictly but Justly in the occupied territory. its main function is neither the punishment nor the education of Germany. but the securing of Allied communications, the earliest possible establishment of peace, and to that purpose the removal of the National Socialist leadership and the apprehending and judging of war criminals. The civilian population are given an opportunity to continue in their daily pursuits and to get their home going again by measures of self-help.   General dwight D. Eisenhower Supreme Commander allied Expeditionary force, and military governor.   American officers of the Military government lay down the laws for running an evacuation camp.


Location: Vault
Language: german
Countries: Germany