To the German troops surrounded at St. Nazaire!


Physical Description:

1 Leaflet: Black and White

Subject: American Expeditionary Forces


Obverse: All of Brittany is now in American hands. Le Mans and Angers have fallen. The Front behind you has been rolled up and american tanks are rolling towards Paris. Your resistance, therefore, is unable to influence the overall situation in the west.   Further shedding of blood is unjustifiable you have done your duty as soldiers. nobody can ask that you sacrifice your lives when your fahterland derives from it no benefit. Further resistance against the constantly increasing superiority means suicide.   You can quit the fight honorably– as the garrison of Cherbourg has done. Single battle groups are also entitled to send parlementaires to the American lines under protection of the white flag, in order to discuss details of surrender. You are being assured: Immediate removal from the battle zone, immeidate food, rest, if necessary medical attention; strict observance of the Geneva Convention. The decision is urgent– no time is to be lost!   Come over before it is too late   Latest News: Lieut. Gen. SPANG, Commander of the 266th Inf. Div. has surrendered to the Americans.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Reverse: News in Brief without Commentary   Western Front: After the collapse of the last German Counter-Offensive in the Mortain area, British and Canadian tanks advanced toward Falaise while American motorised and tank columns continued to roll on to Paris. so far destroyed in the course of the battles of material: 5th Para. Div. Gaf. Field Division, Panzer Lehr div., 77th, 91st, 275th, 243rd, 352nd 353rd, and 709th Inf. divs. Over 110 000 Prisoners.     Eastern Front: Russian units have crossed the East Prussian border and are now fighting on German soil. the Vistula crossed on a broad front. street fightingin Warsaw. In the Lemberg (Lvov) area, new offensive in the direction of Upper Silesia. All german divisions in Latvia and estonia cut off by Russian breakthrough to the baltic sea near Riga. so far 200,000 Prisoners.     Germany: General field Marshall von Witzleben and seven other Generals and General staff officers who had wanted to give Germany a peace government were condemned to death by hanging by a “people’s court,” and have been executed. Seven other Generals and staff officers have already been sentenced or committed suicide. Other Generals and prominent politicians such as Mayor Gördeler still being hunted unsuccessfully.     Political: In Finalnd, the Ryti government was forced out and a new peace government formed. Turkey has severed all diplomatic and trade relations with Germany. sixteen German Generals of the annihilated central army group directed an urgent appeal from russian captivity, addressed to German generals and officers, in which they say that a continuation of the lost war is unconscionable.


Location: Vault
Holding ID: ZG 48

Language: english
Countries: Germany